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Online Training Programmes
FIDIC Business Prctice  Young Professionals 2012
On-line course starting Feb 2012
Seminars: flexible programme
FIDIC Contract Management Contracts
Berlin 2012-2013 German
Copenhagen 2012
Matrix Seminars  Contracts Contracts
London 25-26 Apr 2012
Shanghai 19-20 Sep 2012
Workshops: interactive sessions
Cornerstone workshops  Contracts Contracts
Oslo 18-19 Jun 2012
Berlin 19-20 Nov 2012
Abu Dhabi 2-3 Dec 2012
Cornerstone workshops  Contracts Claims &  Disputes
Johannesburg 5-6 Sep 2012
Miami 25-26 Oct 2012
Santiago 29-30 Oct 2012
Courses: structured training        
FIDIC-ECV courses  Contracts  Contracts (Mod 1)
Jamaica, 25-26 Jun 2012
Paris, 11-12 Jun 2012 in French
Brussels, 15-16 Oct 2012
FIDIC-ECV courses  Contracts  Contracts (Mod 1) Advanced
Paris, 13-14 Jun 2012 in French
Brussels, 3-4 Dec 2012
FIDIC-ECV courses Claims and Dispute Resolution Claims &  Disputes (Mod 2)
Jamaica, 28-29 Jun 2012
Vienna, 26-27 Nov 2012
FIDIC-ECV courses DAB DABs (Mod 3)
Trinidad, 16-17 Jul 2012
FIDIC-ECV courses  Contract Management Contract Admin. (Mod 4)
Brussels, 7-8 Jun 2012
Trinidad, 19-20 Jul 2012
Brussels, 12-13 Nov 2012
FIDIC-ECV courses  Contracts  EPC Contract
to be announced
Intensive Courses: structured training
FIDIC ContractsContracts (Mod 0)
to be announced
FIDIC ContractsContracts (Mod 1)
Palestine 16-17 Jul 2012
Kenya 6-7 Aug 2012
Libya September 2012
FIDIC  Claims Claims & Disputes (Mod 2)
Belgrade 4-5 Jul 2012
Libya September 2012
Nigeria 14-15 Aug 2012
Tanzania 27-28 Aug 2012
to be announced
FIDIC RM Risk Management Module
to be announced
FIDIC FIMS Integrity Management Module
to be announced
FIDIC  Contract Management Contract Admin. (Mod 4)
Tanzania 29-30 Aug 2012
MDB Conference

Its Application and Operational Experience

MDB Contract The 2012 FIDIC MDB Harmonised Construction Contract Conference takes place on 25/26 June 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels, Belgium. See more details.
Download the conference brochure.

Special half-day workshop: An introduction to the MDB Harmonised Major Works Contract. The workshop will take place on Monday 25th June 2012, from 8.30 to 11.15.
Register here.

Latest publications

FIDIC DBO Contracts Guide The new first edition of the FIDIC Procurement guide now available from the FIDIC bookshop. Order it here.

FIDIC DBO Contracts GuideThe Subcontract for Construction, 1st Edition 2011, is now finalized and available from the FIDIC bookshop. Order it here.

President's List
Adjudicator FIDIC appoints Adjudicators from the FIDIC President's List.

The FIDIC World Consulting Engineering Conference 2012 will held in the amazing city of Seoul

The next FIDIC World Conference will be held in Seoul, South Korea from 9 – 1 2 September 2012. Register now to attend this unique international event which will attract FIDIC member associations, leading consulting engineering firms, contracting and legal companies, international development banks, multi-national organisations, public institutions and businesses from more than 70 countries.

KENCA, the FIDIC Member Association in Korea, and the City of Seoul, warmly welcome all professionals with an interest in the built and natural environment, to attend the FIDIC World Consulting Engineering Conference in Seoul. The key focus this year will be to develop new solutions to the way in which investments in infrastructure are made, taking into account the demands of society for true sustainable development.

Registrations are now open at For more information contact the FIDIC Secretariat.

FIDIC Centenary Planning is well advanced for the FIDIC 100 year celebration in 2013 in Barcelona.
Special awards will be presented for outstanding projects and achievements over the last 100 years. Full article April 2012 News.

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Informa FIDIC Asia-Pacific Contract Users' Conference; Singapore, 20 - 21 June 2012
FIDIC 2012 World Conference; Seoul, Korea, 9-12 Sep 2012
Informa FIDIC USA Contract Users' Conference; New York, 2-3 October 2012
Informa FIDIC London Contract Users' Conference; London, 5-6 December 2012
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